We offer capital, mentorship, and a network of people that assists founders in building their companies. We spend time working with our portfolio to win referenced customers, make key hires, and develop strategy for gaining commercial partners.

With our backing, founders can focus on customer discovery and development from the outset and get proof-of-performance within months, not years.

Who We Are

Altruis Capital is made up of a group of Greater Lansing, MI individuals that believe in early stage startups and have come together to push them forward with capital and expertise.


The Altruis Advantage

Our 10+ person team actively works with founders to develop products, target markets, and accelerate growth. We have a wide range of expertise and we're all huge supporters of the growing entrepreneur community in Lansing. Our network, experience, and passion for making our region an entrepreneurial hub are sure to benefit you in this early stage of your company.

How Can We Help?